IGLOM ITALIA SPA is a service company that has been operating in the field of lubricating oils for over forty years, dealing with mixing, packaging, storage and logistics services for third parties in the field of industrial and marine transport.

The highly automated system, the elevated production and filling capacity, the extreme flexibility of processing, the 360° services and the choice of being transparent partners at the exclusive service of the customer (we do not market our own brand) have always been our strengths; the same ones that have allowed us, over the years, to become the leading private company in the market for the production of lubricants for third parties, able to mix a variety of products and satisfy every particular customer need.

With two production sites covering a total surface area of ​​100,000 m² – of which 45,000 m² are covered – we boast a storage capacity for bulk products of 6550 m³ (out of a total of 90 tanks), 28 mixers from 10 m³ to 30 m³, as well as two automatic warehouses of packaged products for a total capacity of 16,600 m³.

The high loading potential allows us to load up to 40 containers and 30 ATBs per day, giving us the ability to better manage the timing and urgencies of each customer.

Iglom, numbers that create value

Key numbers 2 production sites
Key numbers 40 The years of our experience
Key numbers 6550 m³ capacity of warehouses dedicated to unpackaged products
Key numbers 100.000 m² the total area of Iglom
Key numbers 16600 m³ capacity of warehouses dedicated to packaged products
Key numbers 28 mixers from 10m³ to 30m³

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