Our two mixing plants are fully automated and managed by supervision programs that allow us to have total management and control over all the operations carried out.
In the mixing department, blends are made between lubricating oils and additives for lubricating oils, lubricating oils and energy products and additives, energy products and petroleum and non-petroleum additives.
The plant consists of a total of 28 mixers, all equipped with a pump round stirring system and paddle stirrers that come into operation automatically as soon as the liquid level inside the mixer covers the blades of the stirrer itself.
Each mixer also uses diathermic oil heating, automatic temperature and level controls and its own PLC (programmable logic controller), which regulates each operation and manages the safety of the system.
All the connection lines between the raw material tanks and the mixers are completely segregated or pressed, in order to eliminate any type of contamination.

Furthermore, it is possible to make concentrated mixtures up to 30 t and then complete the mixing process inside the 100 m3 finished product tanks, which are also equipped with an agitation system and heating coils.
Each mixer is connected directly to the storage tanks, to the bulk product loading points and to the various filling lines.

Once the raw materials are mixed together and it is established that the resulting product is finished, it is transferred via steel pipes or to the ATB load or to the packaging lines.

The lines for the transfer of bulk raw materials from the tanks to the mixers have a “pig” system that allows automatic emptying of the same at the end of each transfer, thus eliminating the possibility of contamination.
At the end of the processing all the lines are empty.

Thanks to these production capacities and high flexibility, the entire mixing process is best suited to every customer need.


Mixing plants


Our mixing system is composed of 28 dedicated mixers for product classes

Their capacity

  • 22 mixersof 30 m3
  • 3 mixersof 20 m3
  • 3 mixersof 10 m3

Their use

  • mixers for Metalworking oil mixers
  • mixers for technical white oils
  • mixers for pharmaceutical white oils
  • mixers for Engine oil mixers
  • mixers for marine engine oils
  • mixers for hydraulic oils
  • mixers for gear oils and differentials
  • mixers for transmission oils
  • mixers for glycols
  • mixers for polylycoles

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